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Southern Charm Signature Candles & Melts

Southern Charm Signature Candles & Melts

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No matter where you live, we invite you to experience a little southern hospitality in your home with our thoughtfully curated signature Southern Charms Collection of candles and wax melts. Our fragrance experiences were inspired by the beauty and charm of South Carolina.

The Southern Charm Signature collection of candles is curated to set the ambiance and bring familiarity and comfort to your home. Featuring earth tones, coastal elements, sweet and flirty flair, and mild companions to quiet moments that create a timeless yet modern southern environment in your home.

Our hand-poured candles are made with all-natural ingredients and in small batches for quality and care. Each candle is made with our in-house blend of coconut, apricot, and soy wax and with sustainable wooden wicks and no dyes.

Candle size: 11 ounces

Estimated burn time: 44 hours (Burn times can increase with proper candle care.)


* Candles are made with white or black vessels and depends on supplier availability.



Holiday/Winter Fragrances

This Christmas… is our signature holiday fragrance that will take you back to the wonder and excitement of Christmas. Decorating the tree, spending time with family, shopping - it’s like Christmas is a candle! You’ll experience the joy of the holidays with notes of evergreen, fir, and amber.

Winter Warmth is our new winter fragrance that evokes memories of cold nights by the fireplace enjoying the holidays with the people you love most. This warm blend has notes of cypress, cinnamon, and pine.


Signature Fragrances

God's Country is a warm and earthly blend of sandalwood, amber, and powder that was inspired by South Carolina's upstate region.

Driftwood captures the warmth, relaxation, and enticement of southern coastlines. It offers notes of leather, teakwood, and peppercorn.

Daisy Dukes creates a fun and sweet yet settled mood that reminded us of Bo and Luke's cousin. This fragrance has notes of raspberry, sugar, and tonka bean.

High Noon invites you to settle in. Its nostalgic and comforting aroma was inspired by quiet and pleasant moments experienced during tea time or bedtime reading. This warm blend has notes of buttercream, sandalwood, and amber.


Spring/Summer Seasonal

Steel Magnolias is our signature spring/summer fragrance that marks the official start of good times in gardens and sunrooms. The bouquet of goodness has notes of cherry blossom, peony, and moonflower.

Kiawah was inspired by the quiet and powerful nature of Kiawah Island here in South Carolina. Its winds were once said to have healing properties. This tropical infusion has notes of mango, pineapple, and coconut.

Peachy Keen is a nod to the old "Smiling faces. Beautiful places" slogan that beautifully summed up the wonder of South Carolina. The palmetto state is indeed peachy keen. This blend has delightful notes of raspberry, peach, and sugar.

Seasonal fragrance experiences are available from March 1st to September 30th.


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